Health Benefits of Blueberries — How Blueberries Affect the Human Body

Image:BlueberryBodyImage FeatureSize.jpgUse this activity to learn about the Health Benefits of Blueberries.




Did you know eating blueberries can help improve your vision, make blood flow through your vessels easier and lower your cholesterol?

Well, blueberries can do this plus a whole lot more! Health Benefits of Blueberries from the LSU AgCenter is an activity designed to show the effects of blueberry phytochemicals on the human body and organs.

This activity has information about how eating blueberries affects the eyes, brain, heart, liver, blood vessels, bones, skin, intestines, muscles, nerve cells, and the whole body.

Click on the image to participate in the Health Benefits of Blueberries activity and learn why blueberries aren’t just delicious, they’re a power food for your brain and your body!


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Heli Roy, LSU AgCenter.