Stink Bugs in Blueberry

Image:Stink bug damage blueberries FeatureSize.jpgDamage to blueberries by stink bugs.


Damage to blueberries by stink bugs.
Photo by Jerry A. Payne, USDA,
Stinkbugs can damage green and ripe berries.
Photo by Rory Register,
Rory’s Photography,


Stink bugs are often more brightly colored …

Blueberry Mealybug

Mealybug. Image courtesy of Dr. John Meyer, NCSU.

Blueberry Mealybugs are 3 mm to 4 mm long and white to light pink with a waxy covering.


  • Adult female mealybugs lay light brown, oval eggs in a white, fluffy material

Blueberry Stem Gall Wasp

Blueberry Stem Gall Wasps are small kidney shaped to irregular spherical growths on the stems of blueberry plants. They range in size from .19 inches to .98 inches. The adult wasps are tiny, being only .078 inches to .098 inches …

Blueberry Tip Borer

Description: Mostly brown, but each front wing has orange marks near tip and a silver spot along hind margin. Wingspan of 9.5 mm to 14.5 mm. Oviposit on lower surface of leaves, bore into the canes 5 cm to 15 …

Blueberry Flea Beetle


Blueberry flea beetle.


Blueberry Flea Beetle larvae are dark brown, 0.1 inch to 0.4 inch in length, and have three pairs of legs. Pupae are yellow-orange in color and are generally found 0.5 inch deep in the soil. Adults are …

Blueberry Aphid


Adult blueberry aphid.



Description: Aphid adults have pear-shaped bodies. They, generally, are less than 1/8 inch long. Their color varies according to species, but common aphids are green, yellow or black. The most distinguishing feature is two short cornicles, or …

Blueberry Blossom Weevil

Blueberry Blossom Weevils are dark reddish beetles.

Blueberry Blossom Weevils, also called Cranberry Weevils, are dark reddish beetles with white flecks on their wing covers (elytra). Each weevil has a snout nose. Blueberry Blossom Weevils overwinter in wooded areas near …