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The national blueberry resource team known as All About Blueberries began collaborative work to grow the Cooperative Extension System’s best information to provide traditional and expanding clientele a source of reliable and up-to-date information on the best researched-based blueberry production knowledge combined with dietary and nutritional information.

Who Are These Experts?

The All About Blueberries Community of Practice (CoP) is comprised of experts from across the southern United States including teaching and research faculty at land grant universities, county agents, blueberry producers, master gardeners, USDA-ARS officials, and others involved in the production and economic development of the blueberry industry. This Community of Practice will use novel, diverse educational methods to help increase blueberry production efficiency and correspondingly increase consumption of blueberries in the southeastern United States. Over time, this CoP will be expanded to include grower support materials for blueberry growers throughout the United States.

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What Can Be Found?

Answers to Questions: Search frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find simple, clear, research-based answers from experts on topics including: blueberry production, blueberry diseases, health benefits of blueberries, canning blueberries, freezing blueberries and storing blueberries.

News & Upcoming Events

Blueberry producers in many southeastern states are increasing production at a rapid rate. This has been driven by increasing consumer demand for blueberries due to their anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties and superior nutritional quality. Check out our blueberry news and calendar of events for local, state and national news and events related to blueberries.

Instructional Videos:

View instructional videos and learn about planting, growing and picking blueberries. Check back often as new videos are frequently added.

Moodle Learning Lessons:

Discover our self-paced Moodle lessons found on our Learning Modules page. Read the information provided and learn more about growing blueberries. Don’t forget to take the quiz and print your certificate when you reach the end of the lesson!

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