Frost and Freeze Protection: Blueberries

Most rabbiteye blueberry varieties require 400 chill hours to 600 chill hours (hours below 45 F) to break dormancy. Until the cold requirement is achieved, an extended period of warm weather usually will not cause floral budbreak. Once the chilling …

Biloxi Blueberry Variety


Biloxi blueberries
Biloxi is a Southern highbush blueberry.


  • Recommended for southern areas of Mississippi.
  • Relatively low chilling variety.
  • Plants are upright, vigorous, and productive.
  • Fruit is medium in size, has good color, flavor, and firmness with a small picking scar.
  • Ripens late

Soil pH for Blueberry Plantings

Blueberries require a lower pH than many other fruit and vegetable crops. Before planting blueberries, test the soil to determine the pH level, as well as amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter present. More information can be found …

Site Selection for Blueberry Production

Old pasture sites or old farmland with a pH below 5.5 may be well-adapted to blueberry culture.

Site selection is crucial to the success of a blueberry planting. Soil properties (including fertility and terrain), climatic factors, and irrigation water quality …


Fertilizer may be applied in liquid form through the irrigation system rather than surface applying dry granular material. This process is known as “fertigation.”

There are some advantages to fertigation, including:

  • Fertilizer is more efficiently used.
  • Fertilizer may be applied

Weed Control in Blueberries

Experts tell us weed control is one of the greatest challenges when establishing a new blueberry planting. Weeds compete with blueberry plants for essential water, nutrients and sunlight. Weeds also decrease harvesting efficiency and interfere with maintenance operations. Effective weed …

Blueberry Propagation

Blueberries usually are propagated from softwood or hardwood cuttings by cutting selected twigs from healthy, disease-free mother plants. Cuttings are placed in propagation beds in a medium that holds moisture well but also allows adequate aeration.

Softwood Cuttings – Take …

Blueberry Fertilization

Fertilizer is usually applied to blueberries in the spring when growth begins and immediately after harvest. The exception to this is when the fertilizer is injected into the irrigation system, in which case, it is done on a weekly basis …