Rabbiteye Blueberries

The rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei) is native to the southeastern United States. Its native habitat ranges northward from central Florida to eastern North Carolina and westward to eastern Texas and southern Arkansas. The highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) is native to …

Blueberry Varieties: Rabbiteye


Columbus blueberry. A Rabbiteye variety.
Image courtesy of NCSU CES


There are many varieties of rabbiteye blueberries. Planting two or more varieties for cross-pollination ensures fruit set and earlier ripening.

Blooming intervals of most varieties overlap enough to ensure adequate …

Pruning Blueberry Bushes

Cane renewal of rabbiteye blueberries 6 feet and taller. Remove one to three of the oldest, tallest canes each winter or about 20 percent of the canopy. In addition, excessively tall canes can be pruned back to 6 to 8

Summit Blueberry Variety

  • A mid- to late-season southern highbush cultivar.
  • Fruit is firm with large and excellent color, flavor, and picking scar.
  • Resistant to cracking, tearing, and stemming.
  • Excellent performance in postharvest studies.
  • Plant is semi-upright with medium vigor.
  • Ozarkblue is a good

Soil pH for Blueberry Plantings

Blueberries require a lower pH than many other fruit and vegetable crops. Before planting blueberries, test the soil to determine the pH level, as well as amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter present. More information can be found …


Fertilizer may be applied in liquid form through the irrigation system rather than surface applying dry granular material. This process is known as “fertigation.”

There are some advantages to fertigation, including:

  • Fertilizer is more efficiently used.
  • Fertilizer may be applied

Weed Control in Blueberries

Experts tell us weed control is one of the greatest challenges when establishing a new blueberry planting. Weeds compete with blueberry plants for essential water, nutrients and sunlight. Weeds also decrease harvesting efficiency and interfere with maintenance operations. Effective weed …