Blueberry Varieties: Rabbiteye


Columbus blueberry. A Rabbiteye variety.
Image courtesy of NCSU CES


There are many varieties of rabbiteye blueberries. Planting two or more varieties for cross-pollination ensures fruit set and earlier ripening.

Blooming intervals of most varieties overlap enough to ensure adequate …

Mid- to Late-Season Varieties

Mid- to late-season blueberry varieties include:

Tifblue — Bush is vigorous and widely adapted. Fruit is large, round, light blue, sweet, very firm with a small, dry scar. Berries appear to be ripe several days before full flavor develops. Berries …

Star Blueberry Variety


Star blueberries
Star is a Southern highbush blueberry.


  • Fruit is large and easy to harvest because of a concentrated ripening period.
  • Fruit has excellent scar, firmness, good color, and good flavor.
  • The plant leafs strongly before the first flowers open.
  • Recommended pollinator

Ozarkblue Blueberry Variety


Ozarkblue blueberries
Ozarkblue is a Southern highbush blueberry.



  • Exceptional yields with good fruit size and quality.
  • Recommended for planting in the upper part of the South because it requires a period of 800 to 1,000 chill hours.
  • Ozarkblue has consistently fruited in

O'Neal Blueberry Variety


O'Neal blueberries
O’Neal blueberry is a Southern highbush blueberry variety.



  • Ripens early.
  • large, high-quality fruit of medium blue color with good picking scar and flavor.
  • Bloom often begins in the fall and continues during warm periods until normal bloom time.
  • Ripens late

Misty Blueberry Variety

  • Blooms and ripens about the same time as Biloxi.
  • Berries are light in color with a good scar and firmness.
  • Plants are vigorous and upright.
  • Ripens late April.
  • Use Biloxi as pollinator.


Brasell, John, Freddie Rasberry and John Davis. …

Biloxi Blueberry Variety


Biloxi blueberries
Biloxi is a Southern highbush blueberry.


  • Recommended for southern areas of Mississippi.
  • Relatively low chilling variety.
  • Plants are upright, vigorous, and productive.
  • Fruit is medium in size, has good color, flavor, and firmness with a small picking scar.
  • Ripens late