Prince: Rabbiteye Blueberry Variety



Prince blueberries.
Photo courtesy of USDA.


An early-season variety for Mississippi.

  • Chilling requirement: 300 hours to 400 hours.
  • Bloom time: Normally blooms three to five days before Climax — late February to early March in southern growing region.
  • Ripening period: Ripens late May to early June in the Southern growing region.
  • Plant yield, vigor and growth habits: Plants are very productive, vigorous, and has a spreading growth habit.
  • Berry qualities: Berries are medium size, have good color, firmness, flavor, and a dry picking scar.
  • Drawbacks: Berries may exhibit splitting in wet weather. Due to the early bloom period, Prince should be grown in the southern region and may require frost protection to prevent injury from late spring freezes.
  • Breeding history: Released by the United States Department of Agriculture-ARS in 2008; public release.

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