Premier: Rabbiteye Blueberry Variety


Premier blueberry

Premier blueberries.


An early-season variety for Mississippi.

  • Chilling requirement: 500 hours to 550 hours.
  • Ripening period: Ripens late May to early June, with or ahead of Climax, in Southern Mississippi.
  • Plant yield, vigor and growth habits: Plants are productive, vigorous, and have an upright growth habit.
  • Berry qualities: Berries are medium to large size with good color, stem scar and flavor.
  • Drawbacks: Berries left hanging too long become too soft for the fresh market. Young canes may be too limber for heavy fruit loads, and some pruning is required. Fruit set on Premier is often less than expected due to malformed flowers.
  • Plant pathogen susceptibility: Premier has been reported to tolerate soils with a higher pH than other rabbiteye blueberry cultivars.
  • Harvest technique: Can be mechanically harvested for fresh market.
  • Breeding history: Released jointly by North Carolina State University and USDA-ARS in 1978; public release.

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