Mid- to Late-Season Varieties

Mid- to late-season blueberry varieties include:

Tifblue — Bush is vigorous and widely adapted. Fruit is large, round, light blue, sweet, very firm with a small, dry scar. Berries appear to be ripe several days before full flavor develops. Berries remain on the plant several days after fully ripe. Most productive of all rabbiteye varieties and is the standard to which rabbiteyes are compared. Ripens early June.

Powderblue — Plant is vigorous, disease-resistant, and productive. Ripens similar to Tifblue with better fruit color and more foliage. Resist cracking in periods of excess rain.

Centurion — Ripens later than Tifblue; adds one or more weeks to the rabbiteye ripening season. Plant is vigorous and upright. Fruit has good flavor, not as firm but darker than Tifblue.

Baldwin — A productive, late-ripening variety with good flavor and firm, dark blue fruit; has a lengthy ripening period; adapted to pick-your-own and backyard plantings.


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