Keeping Weeds, Pests and Birds Out of Blueberries

Keep weeds, pests and birds out of your blueberries for a healthy, more productive blueberry crop.

According to David Himelrick of the LSU AgCenter, it is important for blueberry producers to practice annual weed control around blueberry plants by hand weeding or careful application of herbicides. Heavy mulching is an excellent way to control weeds while adding organic matter to the soil, conserving moisture and moderating soil temperatures. Blueberries seldom require spraying for pests. If, however, pests attack them, see your parish extension agent for pest-control recommendations.

“Birds love to harvest blueberries,” Himelrick said. They can consume the complete crop from a small planting. The only practical control while the fruit is ripening is to drape plastic or cloth netting over the bushes or from a framework. For more information, read Home Blueberry Production in Louisiana.


Himelrick, David. Home Blueberry Production in Louisiana. Retrieved 07 June 2010.


  David Himelrick, LSU AgCenter