Austin: Rabbiteye Blueberry Variety

An early-season variety for Mississippi.

  • Chilling requirements: 450 hours to 500 hours.
  • Bloom time: Blooms five to sevent days after Climax.
  • Ripening period: Ripens early to mid-June in Southern Mississippi.
  • Plant yield, vigor and growth habits: Plants are very productive, moderately vigorous and have an upright growth habit.
  • Berry quality: Berries are medium to large size with good color, stem scar, and flavor. Fruit firmness is less than Climax.
  • Drawbacks: Austin produces large seed which is sometimes considered objectionable.
  • Breeding history: Released by the University of Georgia and the United States Department of Agriculture‚ÄďARS in 1996; public release.


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