Alan Morgan, Louisiana State University

Alan Morgan is project director for the All About Blueberries Community of Practice. He is a professor and Extension entomologist at Louisiana State University. Alan’s major responsibilities and interests are related to the Formosan Termite Program in New Orleans and entomology programs related to insect pests of vegetables. Activities associated with the French Quarter Program include collaboration with USDA/ARS in termite research, data management and preparation of reports from the wide area demonstration pilot test, PMP relations, management of PMP annual invoices and contracts for properties enrolled in the demonstration pilot test, monitoring of alate traps and inground termite monitoring stations, including documentation and analysis and reporting of this data.

Alan also is involved in outreach and educational programs designed and delivered to extension agents, civic organizations, local governing bodies, and to the general public. In addition, he also provides media presentations, including newspaper, radio, and television.

Alan has a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a doctoral degree, all from Louisiana State University.

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